How to Choose a Sexual Harassment Lawyer

Sexual Harassment Lawyer

Sexual harassment is very common nowadays. Even after a lot of awareness about the issue, such incidents still happen in workplaces and at all levels. If you are the victim of sexual harassment, you need not be quiet about it anymore. You can work with a sexual harassment attorney to sue your employer or whoever behaved inappropriately with you in the workplace. But it is important to choose the right lawyer.

Here’s how to choose a sexual harassment attorney.

Find a local lawyer.

Sexual harassment laws can differ from state to state. So, it is best to hire only a local lawyer to discuss your case. You may want to consult with a law firm online or get some legal advice this way. But it may not be the best idea. It is important to find a lawyer in your area who deals in sexual harassment cases.

They can guide you about the right steps to take as per your state’s laws regarding sexual harassment. You can find local lawyers by conducting online searches. Use search keywords with your location. For instance, use sexual harassment attorney Los Angeles, CA to find one in this city.

Compile the list of names you find via online searches and identify a few for your further research. You can do so by checking their online reviews, social pages, or even choose the top few results on the search page.

Check the lawyer’s experience.

It is important to seek counsel from lawyers who have experience in dealing with sexual harassment cases in your city. You can check the websites of lawyers who are found via online searches to know about their experience. First, look at the lawyers’ credentials. Then read about their experience in dealing with different types of sexual harassment cases.

Are they properly qualified? Are the members of their professional associations? Have they received awards or some form of professional recognition from their peers or other organizations? Do they take on sexual harassment cases for victims often? How many such cases have they won?

Always choose a lawyer with more than enough experience in this area.

Schedule a consultation

Once you have identified a lawyer or two in your area, call them up to book a complimentary case evaluation session. Use this time to discuss your case freely with the lawyer. Without knowing the details about your case, a lawyer cannot tell you if you have a valid case or not.

Seek information 

You may want to know if a single incident can qualify as a case of sexual harassment. You may want to know if you can sue your employer who didn’t take any action despite knowing about your sexual harassment by another employee. Sexual favoritism is also rampant in offices. You may have witnessed this in your workplace and may want to know if you can take any legal action to deal with it.

Whatever you may want to know about matters related to your case, you can do so at the time of your case evaluation. The lawyers can also inform you if they are willing to take on your case or not. They can also inform you if you have a case or not. Feel free to ask the lawyer to give you a realistic scenario concerning your case. It is no use taking on the stress of a legal battle if you don’t have a proper case.

Ask about the fee

Also, use the session to ask about a lawyer’s fee. It is pointless to hire a lawyer if you can’t afford their fee.

Assess the lawyer’s temperament and willingness

Such consulting sessions can also clarify for you if the lawyer is sensitive to your case. Sexual harassment cases can be embarrassing and stressful for victims. They need to relive again and again their trauma they would rather forget. You need a lawyer who can be sensitive to your situation and be willing to help you. One-on-one interactions with lawyers can be helpful to know their temperament and find out if they genuinely wish to take on your case. Once you find the right sexual harassment attorney, it is best to hire one without delay.